2020 Virtual Expo


2020 Virtual Expo
Main Stage Green Omaha Coalition Demonstration Tent Health & Wellness Circle Children's Tent Cross Electronic Recycling Nebraska Statewide Arboretum Information Booth Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance “Dust of your Bike” & Valet Bike Parking Jake's Cigars & Spirits Nebraska Electric Vehicle Association BFF Omaha Science Zone Nebraska Ethanol Board Our Climate Citizens' Climate Lobby Blossom & Wood Heartland B-cycle Omaha Public Library - Common Soil Seed Library Omaha Organics Earth Guardians Saving Grace Perishable Food Rescue Omaha Performing Arts Dundee Bank Greenslate Development Think Green Nutrition Nebraska Civic Engagement Table Papio-Missouri River NRD Audubon Society of Omaha Hillside Solutions Hefty® EnergyBag® The Reader Omaha Public Power District Metro Omaha Tobacco Action Coalition African Culture Connection Maha Conservation Nebraska City Sprouts Omaha Stormwater Urban Acres Horse Rescue Douglas County Environmental Services Keep Omaha Beautiful Nebraska Sierra Club Students for Sustainability

Main Stage

Yoga | Music | Dance | Friend of the Environment Awards

Yoga & Meditation - Consciously start the event with Lora McCarville and Yoga Rocks the Park followed by a guided Earth meditation with Unity of Omaha. Namaste.

Music in Partnership with Maha - Unfortunately, our original lineup of Maha awesome bands are not able to perform this year with the COVID-19 restrictions. Don't despair! Our virtual party still features a music video by Twinsmith, live acoustic performance by Jessica Errett, and a family dance party finale with DJ Brent Crampton and our friends Caitlin Little and JP Gurnett from BFF Omaha! Check out the schedule for times.

Friend of the Environment Award presented by Papio-Missouri Natural Resources District - Tune in when we award this year's winners for the Youth, Individual, Nonprofit, Business and Lifetime Achievement categories!


Green Omaha Coalition Demonstration Tent

Choose Your Own Eco-Adventure!

Green Omaha Coalition had a great lineup planned for its annual Earth Day Omaha Demonstration Tent at Elmwood Park, and we are happy to see some of our planned demonstrators take the virtual stage during this livestreamed event. The demonstrations are now part of a "Choose your own eco-adventure" series. Complete one of these demonstrations at home and share using #VirtualEarthDayOmaha.

Pick from:

“How to Reduce Your Home’s Waste” with Hannah Rennard-Ganley & Alyssa Cody, Keep Omaha Beautiful.

“How to Compost from Home without Spending a Dime” with Brent Crampton, Hillside Solutions.

“How to Make a Rain Barrel” with Andy Szatko Omaha Stormwater.

“Making Pollinator Seedballs” with Nancy Crews, Milkweed Matters.

“Backyard Food Forestry” with Meghan McLarney, Blossom & Wood.

“Soil Composition Experiment” with Anna Brun, City Sprouts.

“Urban Wildlife” with Grace Wilson, Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail.

We can't wait to see all the ways people are getting in touch with the nature in their own backyards and greening up their homes!


Health & Wellness Circle

Coming Soon!


Children's Tent

Coming Soon!


Cross Electronic Recycling

Recycle anything with a cord, motor or batteryworking or not! (Fees apply for certain items.) 


Nebraska Statewide Arboretum

We are saddened to have to miss this year's free recreational tree climb. It is always one of the biggest highlights of Earth Day Omaha when you get to explore Nebraska's state champion swamp white oak from 50' up in the canopy. We are thankful to the friendly facilitators who train, secure and supervise the climbers with a rope and harness year after year!

The tree climb is presented and organized by Nebraska Statewide Arboretum. Learn more about them at their website:


Information Booth

Do you have questions for us? Email us at info@earthdayomaha.org

Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance

Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance (OHKA) is a children's environmental health nonprofit whose mission is to improve children's health through healthy homes. Our main goal is to bring awareness and education to families in the city about environmental hazards, asthma, lead poisoning, and how homes impact health.

We believe that education is fundamental for empowering
people and creating change. We strive to create environmental equality in Omaha for all by offering education on health hazards in the home, tenant legal rights, environmental testing, and information on the community resources available in the city.

To learn more about home hazards or our services, call 402-934-9700 or email info@omahahealthykids.org. While our staff are not providing environmental assessments at this time, we are happy to provide education over the phone and place you on the waiting list for when we resume our field work.


“Dust of your Bike” & Valet Bike Parking

Biking is good for your health and the environment! Avoid congested traffic and parking conditions by using our safe, secure, free and friendly bike corral.  -Presented by Omaha Bikes

Jake's Cigars & Spirits

Relax with a beverage (served in your own reusable glass) in our expanded, city-wide virtual beer garden! Pick up package from our beer garden sponsor Jake's Cigar's & Spirits to support local business!


Nebraska Electric Vehicle Association

Get the answers to all your EV questions from those who own and drive electric cars. Look under the hood. Slide behind the wheel. What you find out about electric cars will amaze you.


BFF Omaha

This MaMO Gallery (pronounced "May-MOH" & short for Mayflower Mobile Gallery) is not only mobile, it's gone DIGITAL!

See how the gallery is coping with COVID-19 Social Distancing @ bffomaha.org/mamo

Check out virtual galleries & other links from BFF's April First Friday @ bffomaha.org/april

And announcing BFF's new Environmental Sustainability Measures aka the BFF GREEN TEAM @ bffomaha.org/green

BFF is dedicated to supporting the region’s emerging and established artists by creating opportunity, exposure and experiences that help them move forward while enriching the cultural competency of the greater Omaha area.

Our family friendly online dance party will stream LIVE from Petshop in the heart of Benson!


Science Zone

Sadly, Nebraska Science Festival was canceled this year, but we have demonstration videos and instructions for the hands-on activities NE SciFest planned for Earth Day Omaha's Science Zone! Make these fun science experiments at home!

Sparkly Volcano Video

Slime Video

Magic Milk Instructions

Elephant's Toothpaste Instructions


Nebraska Ethanol Board

The Nebraska Ethanol Board’s will celebrate Earth Day by promoting ethanol (via social media) and using ethanol at the pump. When drivers fill up with ethanol, they are helping to dilute the toxins in gasoline. These toxins are known to cause major health issues, including cancer and respiratory complications. Not only are drivers who use ethanol reducing tailpipe emissions and improving air quality, they are also helping reduce GHG from traffic pollution by 42%! How does it work? Gasoline is made of chemicals which are used to increase the octane levels. However, we don’t need all those chemicals to boost octane! Ethanol is an all-natural, non-toxic octane booster made from locally-grown field corn that can be used instead. Additional benefits of using ethanol include: supporting Nebraska agricultural and the economy and drivers save money because it’s usually the cheapest option.

Also, the higher the blend of ethanol you use, the more toxins and GHG are reduced. Vehicles 2001 and newer can safely use up to E15, which is a 15% blend of ethanol. Flex fuel vehicles can use any blend of ethanol, like E20, E30, and even E85. Omaha has added several new E15 locations in the last few months.


View this video gallery from one of our industry partners, Urban Air, to see how ethanol is a clean-burning, safer alternative.


Video: Comparing emissions between ethanol and aromatics

Our Climate

Our Climate mobilizes the generations most affected by the climate crisis to advocate for science-based and equitable climate policies that build a livable world. Our vision is for young people to win concrete climate policies that eliminate greenhouse gas pollution and spur an equitable transition to clean energy. Support our young leaders and learn more about us at our website.


Citizens' Climate Lobby

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a non-profit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on federal legislation to address climate change. By building on shared values rather than partisan differences, we build relationships with our elected Members of Congress to find common ground on climate change, always starting from a place of respect, gratitude and appreciation. If you’re interested in being a citizen lobbyist to support federal legislation to reduce carbon emissions (HR 763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act), become a member of Citizens’ Climate Lobby and we will train you to become part of a team of Omahans actively working with Congress and local elected officials for clean air, clean water and a more livable world for all. Join us!

Video - Introduction to CCL

Video - Solutions to climate change: what can ordinary people do


Blossom & Wood

Blossom & Wood provides a four-season nature learning environment accessible to all walks of life, creating opportunities to gather, play, learn, grow, eat, and discover. This year Blossom & Wood will be promoting the Benson Food Forest which is a collaboration with local farmer Fork n’ Farm. The Benson Food Forest provides a hub for the community to discover the wonder of food and nature. Through events focused on forest to table cooking, zero waste living, and mindful wellbeing practice, we will be growing an eco-conscious community.


Heartland B-cycle

Heartland B-cycle is the Greater Omaha Area's bike sharing system. Operated by local non-profit Heartland Bike Share, the Heartland B-cycle system has 72 stations, 300 classic bikes, and 90 electric pedal-assist bikes providing sustainable transportation and recreation options across the Metro Area. Using the B-cycle system is a great way to get some healthy activity in this time of social distancing but we ask all riders to practice social distancing measures as they ride. Remain 6 feet away from all other cyclists & pedestrians at all times and disinfect high touch surfaces areas before and after your ride. Check out a live system map and get riding by downloading the BCycle App!


Omaha Public Library - Common Soil Seed Library

The Common Soil Seed Library was created to encourage a culture of abundance, teach food literacy, promote urban gardening, and help diversify open-pollinated plants and seed at the local level. By saving seeds as a community, we help create local seed stocks that are better acclimated to our unique climate and which support an abundant and genetically diverse landscape.

See the brochure!


Omaha Organics

Omaha Organics celebrates the ideals of Earth Day everyday by executing our mission to set the new standard in lawn care by helping customers enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, safe, sustainable and healthy lawn. The use of lawn chemicals including toxic herbicides and synthetic fertilizers continues to grow in the U.S. Use of these substances have become part of our society’s widely accepted lawn care practices. Findings show that two of the most common toxic herbicides applied on residential homes and gardens pose significant health risk to humans, pets, wildlife and negatively impact the environment. These health risks and environmental implications should make us question traditionally accepted lawn practices and search out safer environmentally friendly solutions. Effective alternatives to toxic herbicides and synthetic fertilizers are available. Establishing healthy and safe turf grass requires a shift in thinking in what we as a society choose to accept as standard lawn care practices. A shift in norms can be an overwhelming undertaking, so finding a knowledgeable partner in the pursuit of changing the standard of lawn care can be helpful resource. Omaha Organics promotes changing the standard of lawn care and exists to educate and provide consumers with safer herbicides and effective sustainable lawn care maintenance strategies in pursuit of that goal.

Watch the video!


Earth Guardians

We are Earth Guardians Omaha, the local branch of the international youth-led organization Earth Guardians that encourages people of all ages to get involved in environmental issues in their communities. We ordered seeds native to eastern Nebraska from Prairie Moon Nursery to plant and give out at Earth Day. Seeing as we cannot hand them out this year, we will be documenting the plants’ progress on Instagram @earthguardiansomaha. We chose native plants because they are highly beneficial to local pollinators and are typically low-maintenance and require less water because they are specifically adapted to this region.


Saving Grace Perishable Food Rescue

Saving Grace operates the only professionally coordinated perishable food rescue and delivery service in the Omaha metropolitan area. Since operations began on Sept. 30, 2013, we’ve been successful in addressing two issues in our community – food waste and hunger.

Wasted food is a growing problem in the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates more food reaches landfills and incinerators than any other single material in everyday trash. Connecting excess perishable food that would otherwise add to landfill waste with organizations that feed the hungry just makes sense, and that’s what Saving Grace does.

Using four refrigerated trucks, our professional drivers/food handlers pick up the donated dairy products, fruits and vegetables, prepared and packaged meals, meats and other healthy foods and deliver them the same day, free of charge, to local nonprofits that feed the hungry.

Since operations began in October 2013, Saving Grace has rescued and redistributed more than 4.1 million pounds of perishable food, valued at over $7.2 million, to feed our hungry neighbors. This translates to more than 2,080 tons of food that was kept out of our landfills, providing an important environmental benefit.
As the community meets the challenges of COVID-19, including feeding hungry people, Saving Grace continues to pick up food from closures, while also handling scheduled pickups, while remaining flexible with our operations.

See the Food Waste Hierarchy!

Watch the "Cory the Bounty Hunter" Video!


Omaha Performing Arts

Omaha Performing Arts (O-pa) is a proud sponsor of Earth Day Omaha! As we continue to implement green initiatives at the Holland Center and the Orpheum Theater, we are actively engaging and educating staff on sustainability practices. During this work-from-home period, O-pa staff is prepared to celebrate Earth Day on April 18th in a number of ways:

- Post O-pa social media photos of home zero-waste practices, including recycling, composting, using our reusable items, starting a garden and more!

- Go one day with no driving to conserve fuel and reduce emissions

- Take a nature hike

- Read a book or watch a documentary about environmental conservation

- Shop online for reusable items, including water bottles, coffee mugs, metal straws, shopping bags, coffee filters or k-cups, etc.


Dundee Bank

At Dundee Bank, we are proud to focus on our sustainability goals through events, support, and education.

We have partnered with Hillside Solutions to become a zero waste bank. We have zero waste stations at our locations and continually discuss ways to eliminate waste for our bank and our customers. We have hosted events like shred days, pumpkin drop-offs, and battery recycling. We received an overwhelming response from the community regarding these events. We added a green space in the alley east of the Dundee Branch with a bench made from 100% recycled materials. The space also includes a little free library. Due to COVID, we have temporarily turned this into a little free pantry.

At our Dundee location, we have a coffee maker with 100% compostable coffee pods and cups. You can skip your brew at home and stop by the bank for a free cappuccino or latte! We have a Bevi water system that has allowed us to save more than 3,600 water bottles from ending up in landfills. We evaluate things like the vendors we work with to the paper we print on… which has begun the shift to post-consumer paper. We continually evaluate technology for our employees and customers to minimize paper dependency.

We are excited to partner with Julie Sommer from UNMC. Julie is a part of eXXpedition (pronounced ex-expedition) Round the World, an all-female sailing mission to explore the impact of plastic and toxic pollution in our oceans. We regularly share educational information in our newsletter and blogs on things like how to reduce waste or the importance of ride sharing. We feature our customers and ways that are making a difference in our communities. We also provide seasonal content to help educate readers on ways to prep their garden in the spring and how to conserve energy in the winter.

This is only the beginning. We have so much more in store… including solar panels that will help us achieve a Powered Locally certification through Bluestem Energy Solutions. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more.

Bank red and save green with Dundee Bank!


Greenslate Development

GreenSlate Development has been the driver of the revitalization of the historic Blackstone District over the past seven years, spearheading $200 million in mixed-use development. Over 30 businesses are now open in the district as well as 549 apartments. The Cottonwood Hotel, a restoration of the building that was once the historic Blackstone Hotel, will open in the summer of 2020. The Cottonwood Hotel is using C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy), which provides financing for green energy upgrades. GreenSlate’s newest project, The Switch Food Hall, will be partnering with Hillside Solutions to use all compostable materials.


Think Green Nutrition

Think Green Nutrition offers nutrition therapy, coaching, and counseling services provided by Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Alison Jordan. Whether you are looking to prevent chronic diseases or manage current health problems, Think Green Nutrition can help you. Alison is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Licensed Medical Nutrition Therapist, and also has a master’s degree in medical nutrition from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Alison is a proud vegan trying to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. She specializes in plant-based eating patterns, helping to ensure those looking to adopt this lifestyle or even those who have already been following a plant-based eating pattern, meet all of their nutrient needs. With meat and dairy production being a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and environmental degradation, Think Green Nutrition urges you all to consider your dietary choices not only for your health, but our environment. Want to adapt a vegan, vegetarian, or just
more plant-based diet? Contact Thinkgreennutrition@gmail.com for any inquiries.

Visit the Facebook page!

Nebraska Civic Engagement Table

Tune in around 2:15pm on April 18 for a live Voter Registration walk through with Karina Hernandez.


Papio-Missouri River NRD

Tune in around 2:00pm on April 18 for the Friend of the Environment Award Ceremony presented by Chairman Jim Thompson.


Audubon Society of Omaha

Hillside Solutions

For the first time in Omaha’s history, residents now have access to the industrial composting process through Compost Club.

How it Works: You subscribe on our website from $4.50 to $8.99/month. Then you gain access to a network of drop-off points around Omaha to take your compostables to. Then we take your materials to our Soil Dynamics farm in Ashland, turn it into nutrient-dense soil, and make some of that available to you for use in your own yard, garden, or house plants.

Why it matters: Because we have an industrial site, we accept food waste, BPI certified compostable take-out materials, paper towels, napkins, and a variety of other compostable materials that otherwise go to the landfill to put off methane gas. Instead, members add much-needed nutrients back into the soil and counteract the effects of climate change.


Hefty® EnergyBag®

In the U.S., only 9% of our plastic waste is recycled, and 79% of plastic waste ends up in landfills. This 79% includes most of what we call hard-to-recycle plastics. In fact, when loose and mixed in, hard-to-recycle plastics can actually hinder other recycling efforts. If hard-to-recycle plastics get mixed in with other materials in curbside recycling bins, they can jam up processing equipment and contaminate entire batches of otherwise readily recyclable plastics, paper, metals, and glass, stripping them of value and causing them all to end up in landfills. So the need for innovations like the Hefty® EnergyBag® program is clear.

The Hefty® EnergyBag® program provides a way to collect otherwise hard-to recycle plastics at your curb and turn them into valued resources. You simply place these materials in the Hefty® EnergyBag® orange bag, tie the full bags, and put them in your curbside recycling bin or cart. The recycling center can then readily separate these bags from the other materials and send them on to facilities that can use them and their contents as an energy resource – or break them down to create new and useful products. Participation in this program represents an important step in reducing the amount of waste going to landfills and creates solutions for a more circular economy for plastics.

The program is available to Omaha Metro and Lincoln residents and if you aren’t participating or you just want to learn more, visit https://heftysustainability.com/ to get more information about the program.


The Reader

Omaha Public Power District

Tune in around 1:00pm on April 18 for a special interview with OPPD CEO & President Tim Burke.


Metro Omaha Tobacco Action Coalition

The Metro Omaha Tobacco Action Coalition is a dynamic coalition comprised of individuals, organizations and agencies. MOTAC formed in 1992 to strengthen tobacco prevention and control efforts in the Omaha metro area. Since its inception, MOTAC has led Douglas County in addressing tobacco and nicotine related issues through public policy, education and community action.


African Culture Connection

African Culture Connection (ACC) empowers people of all ages with knowledge and understanding that deepens their connection with Africa's rich cultural legacy and the global community.

ACC serves students and our community through education and production of vibrant dances, powerful drumming and creative story telling. We strive to preserve the authentic African culture that is so beautifully steeped in the rich history, music, arts and expansive land that Africa has to offer. We recognize the importance of preserving our earth and environment through recycling, conservation, education and more and we are excited to be a part of Earth Day and stand strong together as we celebrate 50 years of this powerful environmental movement!!



Maha is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on bringing people together. We curate and produce cultural experiences with the goal of positively impacting Omaha’s economic vitality. Since 2009, our main event, Maha Festival, has welcomed 100+ national and local musicians, dozens of speakers, and attendees from all 50 states, all fueled by a dedicated army of hundreds of amazing volunteers.

As Earth Day’s local music partner, Maha is also committed to holding sustainable community events, diverting 6,597 pounds away from the landfill at last year’s festival.


Conservation Nebraska

Conservation Nebraska is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization that educates Nebraskans across the state about conservation issues facing their communities and provides them with the tools they need to address their local conservation concerns. Through locally-led educational efforts and community engagement, Conservation Nebraska empowers Nebraskans to take action on important conservation issues. The Northeast Common Ground team serves the communities of Omaha, Plattsmouth, South Sioux City, Norfolk, Columbus, and Fremont. The different educational opportunities include online and in person events, book club meetups, a community garden and a podcast.

Michaela, Andrew, Dakota, Madeline, and Emily are proud to serve the Northeast region.


City Sprouts

City Sprouts is a community garden and urban agriculture nonprofit. We work with the community to grow food, flowers, and herbs using organic, sustainable gardening techniques - and Earth Day 2020 is no different! The staff have been enjoying the sunshine and fresh air as we work hard to grow food on more than two times the land we normally care for. Even though we are socially distancing this year, that doesn’t mean we can’t spend time outdoors! This Earth Day, City Sprouts will be enjoying the outdoors by planting crops for our community; and maybe we’ll go for a walk or a bike ride or do something fun outside with the people who share our homes, too. Be well everyone!.


Omaha Stormwater

Every day is Earth Day for the Omaha Stormwater Program! We strive to minimize stormwater pollution in our community and protect our streams, rivers, and lakes. Stormwater pollution comes in many forms including sediment, oil, and litter to name a few, but it also includes the increased amount and speed of runoff from pavement, roofs and other surfaces that don’t let water soak in. With our highly urban setting and the addition of these hard, impervious surfaces, the volume and speed of stormwater are greatly increased. This increase can lead to bank degradation and erosion.

Earth Day is a great opportunity to highlight what residents can do at home and work to manage stormwater runoff. We encourage sustainable landscaping practices so runoff generated from home and work during wet weather has a chance to slow down, spread out, and soak in. Rain gardens and rain barrels are two simple examples of this. We also encourage conscientious lawn and home maintenance practices to prevent stormwater from becoming polluted in the first place.

April is also Stormwater Awareness Month – friend us on Facebook for tips and stormwater topics all month long!


Urban Acres Horse Rescue

The story starts in 1987 when the Moss family took in a mare and colt. The horses became a great source of enjoyment for the whole family and the children spent hours each week learning to ride. The family moved to a small acreage in North Omaha on 49th and Redman when Sorenson Parkway was just being built. One weekend, while the owner was at a tack auction buying halters and brushes, she encountered a woman who told her story about a horse she couldn’t ride. The Moss' agreed to take in the horse for a month, but the woman never came to pick the horse up. This was the beginning of Urban Acres Horse Rescue, where over 50 unwanted horses have found sanctuary and new homes in the past 30 years.

These days, Urban Acres houses eight horses, working with over 25 dedicated volunteers to provide a safe space for the animals as well as opportunities for children and adults to have their first horse interaction. On Sundays in warm weather, Urban Acres holds an event called HUG A HORSE where families and individuals are invited to meet the horses and other farm animals. There is no charge for this and everyone is welcome. Urban Acres relies on volunteers and donations, and is accepting both!

Urban Acres Rescue is currently fundraising to make improvements to the grounds and some of the buildings to provide a safer, more accommodating venue where people can comfortably visit and educate their children. The list of wants includes a safe metal barn to keep the horses in the winter. The wind this spring made holes in two barn roofs and there is a spot in the fence that needs repair. With a $25 donation you'll receive a t-shirt! Look for announcements when HUG A HORSE will begin again after the “Social Distancing” has been lifted.


Douglas County Environmental Services

For more information visit
Douglas County Environmental Services. 402-444-4590


Keep Omaha Beautiful

Tune in around 12:15pm on April 18 for “How to Reduce Your Home’s Waste” with Hannah Rennard-Ganley & Alyssa Cody.


Nebraska Sierra Club

The Nebraska Sierra Club is a chapter of the National Sierra Club which was founded in 1892 and it now has 3.8 million members & supporters nationally. The Sierra Club is dedicated to exploring, enjoying and protecting the planet. The Nebraska Sierra Club has been a regular participant to Earth Day Omaha.


Students for Sustainability

We are an organization of students across the city of Omaha, Nebraska fighting for sustainability and climate action in our community. We stand for climate justice, equity, holding leaders accountable, sustainable solutions and lifestyle, and systemic social and environmental change. Our past events and actions include the 2019 Omaha Climate Strike, testifying in front of the Omaha City Council to ban plastic bags and ensure the future of recycling, and meeting with countless community leaders and activists. Any students welcome, adult support appreciated! Join today!span>


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