BoardPhotoBoard of Directors and Event Coordinators at Earth Day Omaha 2015

Back row: Brittany Dabestani, Karri Martin, Amanda Humes, Jade Rogers, Tiffany Fuchtman, Cassandra Zywiec, Eric Williams.
Front row: Liz Davis, Evaine Mansfield.

Earth Day Everyday

Earth Day Omaha is made possible by the Earth Day Omaha Coalition, which is comprised of volunteers from CforCorganizations and the community

The Earth Day Omaha Coalition is dedicated to increasing public awareness of environmental issues through annual Earth Day events and activities. The Earth Day Omaha Coalition is affiliated with Earth Day Network, the international organization coordinating Earth Day events worldwide.

Our Mission

The mission of the Earth Day Omaha Coalition is to organize, direct and produce the city’s annual Earth Day event, providing a showcase for the many charitable, scientific and educational efforts advocating for sustainable environmental practices and lifestyles.